High level processes

Injection-moulded components can be found in many mass-produced consumer goods.  Having developed high-level knowledge and processes, Plascopar teams are able to manufacture high-tech parts with incomparable consistency.

Pellets injected into a mould

Pellets of less than a few millimeters in diameter are used as a raw material.  Poured into a hopper, these pellets are heated to soften them.  They take on a viscous, homogeneous shape, and are then injected, i.e. pushed into the mould by a screw, in order to perfectly take on the shape of the mould.

Plastic Injection Technique by PlascoparSamples of Plastic Injection

Large-capacity presses

In addition to the know-how, the quality and capacity of the tools constitute a crucial part of production.  The group of machines includes about 20 large capacity presses (50-600 tonnes of closing force), which are completed by many decoration tools (colour stamping, hot and cold stamping, ultrasound welding, galvinising, plating, lacquering…).

New factories in Tunisia

These tools, together with the new production tool based in Tunisia, allows us to ensure an excellent production capacity, both in terms of quantity and quality, all the while respecting the delivery deadlines.



Some of our references

References for Plastics Injections

References for Plastics Injections

References for Plastics Injections