Plascopar: ABS, LDC, PVC, PET… Injection

Following Formaplas, Plascopar

Claude Gilli likes to give shape to materials, and to his ideas, which is why, in 1989, he established Plascopar, a company whose activities are complimentary to those of his first company, created nearly 20 years earlier.

Injection: a technique suited to ABS, LCD, PVC, PET or other PBT

Specialised in thermoplastic injection, Plascopar opens new horizons. In just a matter of a few years, it has first asserted, then confirmed its know-how in working materials as varied as PS, ASA, PE SURLYN, ABS, PC, PA, PVC, SEBS, PBT, LDC, PET… The loyalty of its clients bears testament to reliability and expertise of the Monegasque company, located close to the heart of Monte-Carlo.

Biotherm and the Pliss Roller

1994 was a transitional period. Indeed, at this time, the company underwent a major evolution, by developing the anti-cellulite massage tool, the Pliass Roller for “Biotherm”, a neighbouring company in Fontvieille and cosmetic specialist. The Pliss Roller was rather complex to implement and required significant involvement of both the Plascopar research and technical teams.

Towards Iso 9002 and 9001 2000 standards

Thanks to important financial and technical investments, the company rapidly obtained the indispensable ISO 9002 and 9001 version 2000 standards required in particular by the most prestigious cosmetic brands. These standards represent an additional guarantee developed and awarded by an independent organization, recognized both in Europe and worldwide.

Silvatrim and automobile parts

At the same time, an industrial neighbor in Monaco, specialised in automobile parts, Silvatrim, called on Plascopar services. Between 2003 and 2007, thanks to a tremendous capacity of adaptation, the latter diversified its activities, eventually producing 50% of plastic parts for the spare automobile parts industry.

Two new production sites in Tunisia

However, in 2008 came a new turning point. The international economic context forced Plascopar, like many other companies, to re-examine its economic model. The following year, the decision was made to transfer a large part of the production to modern sites in Tunisia. This change provided a new impetus for the company, whose headquarters remain nevertheless in the Principality of Monaco.


Plascopar in figures


  • Monaco: 5 employees
  • Tunisia: 83 employees

Réalisations :

  • 10-15 technical studies carried out per month, of which approximately 30% lead to orders

Activities/ Services:


Mrs Sabine Gilli & Mr Kevin Gilli

Mrs Sabine GILLI
Managing Director

Mr Kevin GILLI