Specialised know-how transmitted from generation to generation

Plastic and its transformation– a family vocation

The story of two Monaco-based companies, Formaplas and Plascopar, is first and foremost that of a human, family adventure, which started in 1972. That is when Claude Gilli established Formaplas as a Monegasque company dedicated to the transformation of films and sheets of plastic into thermo-shaped products. The firm has grown rapidly over the years, establishing increasingly efficient processes.  In 1985, Claude Chefneux, Arts and Crafts Engineer, in addition to being Claude Gilli’s brother-in-law, joined Formaplas. This major technical contribution enabled the creation of Plascopar, the company of which he remains Deputy Chairman to this day.

Formaplas machine in 1972Thermo-shaping, presentation tray making, injection and decoration: Plastic in all its forms

A family success, as three generations now collaborate within the two entities, Formaplas and Plascopar, whose activity remains the transformation of plastics:
•    Claude Gillia, the father and founder
•    Bruno and Sabine, the children
•    Kevin the grandson
•    And last, but not least, Claude Chefneux
Based on the strength of this bond, the team developed the company’s unique know-how, the result of many years’ experience in the various techniques of thermo-shaping, presentation tray making, injection and decoration.

Picture: The first Formaplas machine (1972)


Key dates

  • 1972: Establishment of Formaplas
  • 1989: Creation of Plascopar
  • 2003/2007: Plascopar diversified its activities, with almost half its turnover generated within the sector of small plastic parts for the automobile industry
  • 2004: Inauguration of Plascopar’s new location in Tunisia
  • 2009: Formaplas established in Tunisia, 50m from Plascopar
Mr Claude CHEFNEUX & Mr Claude GILLI


Mr Claude GILLI
Deputy Chairman and Director