The Manufacturing Process

Fully personalised management of your project: design prototypes, moulds and production

In order to carry out the missions they are entrusted with, Formaplas and Plascopar have developed one of the most efficient processes from conception to completion. One of our dedicated sales managers will establish your project specifications. A group is then formed in order to study the project in detail. It is this team’s task to establish how best to tailor the technical aspects to your practical needs. From this stage, the drawings and prototypes are provided and as soon as you give your approval, the research department launches production.

Plastic Manufacturing Process of Formaplasillust-formaplas-plascopar-05

Production launch

Thanks to constant exchanges with the toolmakers, the manufacturing is launched in a timely manner. Regular checks mean that all products meet the quality standards established by the client. All of these steps are managed in a competitive, timely manner.

The key points

  • We meet your high standards
  • A proven process
  • Each step of the process is perfectly mastered
  • Constant communication