A shared philosophy for Formaplas and Plascopar

From the technical study to the presentation stand and delivery

A dedicated representative, capable of respecting your projects and bringing technical proposals and solutions (thermo-shaping, presentation tray production, injection, decoration), is always available, as is a team of skilled professionals, able to give life to these projects and allow you to benefit from his experience, providing you with a product in compliance with the contractual obligations, within the planned timeframe. We offer a one-stop solution, from the initial study to the execution and delivery of the presentation stand and packaging, with only one point of contact.

Transformation of plastics: A shared passion

Formaplas and Plascopar teams consider each client as unique and share a true passion for product enhancement and respect of the specifications. This is why Formaplas and Plascopar teams have been developing various techniques and unique know-how for more than forty years, transmitted from generation to generation, in accordance with strict processes in the field of plastic transformation. In summary: the guarantee of skilled work, produced by recognized professionals, to meet your exacting requirements.


Our Assets

  • Constant follow-up
  • Recognised expertise
  • A product in compliance with the contractual commitments
  • Respect of the scheduled deadline
  • Ability to manage the project in its entirety


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 Certified & Quality Certified