Stamping, a well-tried method

In order to realize all kinds of personalized finishes, thus responding to all requirements, we have invested in many very upmarket tools, able to insert in or on the part, a logo, description, legal mention or stamp. The stamping component is covered by a total of ten specific tools. This group of highly technical machines offers the possibility of realizing designs from a simple stamp to coloured impressions, and a range of designs in between, representing solutions to each and every one of your desires for creativity.

Plastic Decoration Technique by PlascoparReferences for Plastics Decorations

Cold stamping, plating and galvinising…

We also have a cold stamping tool and are capable of executing plating, lacquering, painting, varnishing or even galvinising by sub contracting to another partner, according to your wishes.

Mould and parts safety

Our modern factories were designed in separate workshops, dedicated to each activity, located within the same building, in order to guarantee that each step is carried out to perfection. Work areas adapted to ensure the safety of each type of machinery, in particular for the moulds, which require a particularly high level of security in case of fire. These measures and tools allow us to provide the best guarantees for security throughout the various stages of the project.

Some of our references

Samples of Plastic Decoration

Samples of Plastic Decoration

Samples of Plastic Decoration