Services for individuals: custom-made thermo-shaping, presentation tray production, injection and decoration available to the general public

Worn or broken parts: the Formaplas/ Plascopar solution

The manufacture of many plastic parts is discontinued after a certain number of years, leaving the customer without any means of replacing them when needed. As these cases have become more frequent, Formaplas and Plascopar have developed a new offer in order to match these special needs, as such situations can end up being both penalizing and paralyzing.

An example in the nautical sector

We are able to reproduce any plastic part, almost identically in terms of both quality and aesthetics, for very small quantities (even just a one-off item). The various techniques mentioned can be used either separately or in a combination to reproduce a rack, which has been damaged by an impact, a windscreen, protective discs for floodlights, shelves, inventive glassware presentation stands or anything else, according to very specific requirements.

Bespoke technical and design solutions

We can also produce, on a custom-made basis, a plastic part suited to your use, even if it is not already marketed, with a specific reference. Based on your requests, we will provide custom-made technical and design solutions in order to best match your requirements, and supply you with a product ideally suited to your needs.

For your boat

You need a very specific plastic shape, unique, out of stock, bespoke? You have a repair project?

We offer all types of solutions: plexiglass, PVC, polycarbonate, stainless steel, mirror, transparent or colored for:

  • Glazing (porthole, windshield, window, shower screen...)
  • Machining of plastic parts
  • Furniture (storage, presentation, outdoor, table, chair, wardrobe, stairs, dishes...)
  • Chest protection (pump, dashboard, seats...)

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